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FOX News
Nov 18, 2013 5:00pm PST
that effect you? >> at that point in time, i was already stationed in los angeles and that's when all the deployment started would everywhere stationed in wbelot also known as. >> when did you face enemy fire. >> every sing get day he crew chief say we are under attack. that's all we could do was chug our duffle bags immediately we took cover in bunkers. that day, january 16th, when that bomb landed right by me and took me out, hit me on the left side hit me in the face and took out my eyes and my jaws. >> can i see you without the sunglasses? >> yes. >> i have extensive reconstruction con to my face and also my jaw, they did bone graphing. >> did you have a big support system? >> when i came home i had no support system whatsoever. i think that was very hard. from germany they shipped me to walter reid. i never saw -- i never saw anybody to be honest with you. >> that's troubling. >> i was asked one time why wasn't i eating my food in front of me? and i told them what food? >> do you feel you are neglected by the medical professionals at walter reid? >> at that time, yes, absolutely.
FOX News
Nov 1, 2013 5:00pm PDT
citizens. >> not everyone sees it this way. joining me now from los angeles, fox news contributor, rick grenell the former spokesman to the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. rick, thanks for joining us. i interviewed glen greenwald. the reason we brought him on cashing in which i'm going to air it tomorrow morning on the fox news channel. the reason why i brought him on is because president obama promised the nsa was not going to look into private emails of americans. this week the "the washington post" reports that that likely happened when the nsa infiltrated google and yahoo and allowed them to have access to email accounts. now, the question is, do you think that's right? is that fair? should he be looking at americans' emails? >> well, i think the policy is that they are not looking inside specific emails of americans if it happens to occur, it's not because it's the nsa policy. look, glen greenwald and other journalists have the responsibility to push for transparency in this program. there is no question transparency is a good thing so is congressional oversight. democrat who control t
FOX News
Oct 31, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. now there is this thing at least in los angeles where the kids in the bad neighborhoods hop in a minivan and go to the good neighborhoods and pilfer all the candy and i just think it's a horrible message to send to your kids which is hey, go get more free crap from the rich guy up on the hill and, by the way, get used to it, this is going to be your life. i say those kids need to stay in their own neighborhood, step over the carcass of a sofa in the dirt lawn, walk to the front door, find the guy with the ankle bracelet and gets a 3-year-old candy corn with a cat hair in it. >> that is harsh, that really is harsh. >> how bad their neighborhood is. >> all right. now, i have the completely opposite from you. when i was a kid, trick or treating, and leavitt town was not a lavish neighborhood. one year we decided to go to garden city, it was about two miles away. one of the guy's kids older brother drove us there. we got cheap garbage in leavitt city. good stuff. the working class homes gave better stuff than the rich people, plus a lot of rich people had big dogs, and you could
FOX News
Nov 6, 2013 5:00pm PST
from california. i was disappointed bill o'reilly didn't attend the premiere of "the kennedys" in los angeles. >> i was at the one in new york. everyone can see the monday sunday evening, national geographic channel 8:00 eastern time. john from maryland. just finished "killing jesus." i did not like it. you left things out that are in the bible. joe from guam, "killing jesus" cemented my belief as a christian. i read the book twice. hamburg, pennsylvania. killing jesus was wonderfully written. i had to stop reading at time to control my emotions. the book was almost overwhelming. there is intense debate over "killing jesus." tomorrow on bill o' 7:00 eastern time we'll have a town meeting on the book. and we'll the take your questions live. everyone is invited. we'll go for 45 minutes. then we'll watch the factor at 8:00. nick from anaheim. thanks for the tip about being positive. i received good service at pep boys and wrote a note to their headquarters. the next day i got a note thanking me. so few folks go on the record about good stuff, we are all complaining but when som
FOX News
Nov 28, 2013 5:00pm PST
.com. >>> continuing now with lead story getting to the bottom of problems in the u.s. joining us from los angeles to react to my talking points memo the former governor of new mexico bill richardson the author of the new book "how to sweet talk a shark." so, governor, let's pretend that i'm the shark. am i being unfair to the president? >> well, i always think you tell it like it is, bill. you are an honest guy there is a little tad unfairness first on the irs issue, heads did roll. on the benghazi issue, there were demotions and heads did roll there, too. there was an investigation by ambassador pickerring that looked at the security problems. there were problems. there were funding problems too from the congress. on the issue of the president and obamacare, look, obamacare, i believe, is good for this country, it's good for people, but, there has been some serious problems in the rollout. i do think the president needs. >> outside of lois lerner, who was paid for about six months after she wouldn't testify in front of congress about what happened, outside of lois lerner, who in the irs has been
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)